Pohutukawa II

Pohutukawa II Investments

Bayley Corporation

Investment Date: 2010 
Development Stage: MBO 
Ownership interest: Pohutukawa 7.4% | Direct Capital 31% 
Sector: Property services & agency
Where: New Zealand 
About: Bayleys is a full-service property service company operating nationally from 68 corporate owned and franchise branches. Bayleys has a dominant position in marketing commercial industrial properties, and a leading position in high-value residential, rural and lifestyle property sales. In addition to real estate agency, Bayleys offers other services including: facilities and asset management; valuation; leasing; research and advisory services.

PF Olsen Group

Investment Date: 2011 
Development Stage: Expansion 
Ownership interest: Pohutukawa 9.5% | Direct Capital 40.0% 
Sector: Forestry services
Where: New Zealand and Australia
About: PF Olsen is Australasia’s largest independent provider of professional forestry services, including forestry management, harvesting management, health and safety compliance, environmental compliance, genetically improved seed and containerised seedling sales, forestry enterprise software,
and advisory and other technical services. PF Olsen manages the harvest of over 3 million tonnes of logs in New Zealand per annum, and manages
over 150,000 stocked hectares in New Zealand as well as over 200,000 hectares of forest and land across Australia. The business subcontracts out physical operations to over 125 contractors, indirectly employing 1,500 across New Zealand.

Realised investments

Pohutukawa II has realised the following investments to date:


George H Investments

Realised: 2020

Investment Date: 2014 

Ownership interest at exit: Pohutukawa 9.6% | Direct Capital 84% 

Cavalier Wool Holdings

Realised: 2018

Investment Date: 2010 

Ownership interest at exit: Pohutukawa 3.3% | Direct Capital 13.8% 

Hiway Group

Realised: 2018

Investment Date: 2011

Ownership interest: Pohutukawa 14.3% | Direct Capital 60.0% 

Energyworks Holdings

Realised: 2017

Investment Date: 2014

Ownership interest: Pohutukawa 16.7% | Direct Capital 70.0%

Energyworks Logo

Scales Corporation

Realised: 2016

Investment Date: 2011

Ownership interest: Pohutukawa 2.8% | Direct Capital 18.05%


Transaction Services Group

Realised: 2015

Investment Date: 2010

Ownership interest: Pohutukawa 11.7% | Direct Capital 48.6%


Scales Corporation Partial Realisation

In July 2014 Pohutukawa II sold down a 6.8% interest in Scales Corporation, at the time of its IPO and NZX listing.  Pohutukawa II retains a 2.8% shareholding in Scales Corporation.