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BioPacificVentures Investments


BioPacificVentures (BPV) is one of the world's largest food, nutrition and agriculturally focused venture capitalists, specialising in the convergence of food and health with a focus on prevention, nutrition, food technology and agbiotech. BPV is now fully invested.

BPV's investments focussed on  life science opportunities with an Australasian focus. BPV took the lead or co-investment positions in business ventures ranging from NZ$2 to NZ$10 million.

BPV is supported by strategic and financial investors with global reach and industry specific expertise. The largest investor is the world’s biggest food company, Nestlé; the largest local investor is the leading agribusiness firm PGG Wrightson.

BPV had a particular focus on opportunities in the emerging "wellness through prevention" market, reflecting the increasing trend in healthcare towards the prevention of chronic diseases. Opportunities of particular interest included functional and medical foods, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, skin care, dietary supplements, infant and sports nutrition, immune stimulation and anti-aging therapies.

BPV has a strong internationally experienced management team, the result of a collaboration between leading New Zealand venture capital firm Direct Capital, international life sciences venture capital manager, inventages and one of the world’s leading life science research institutions, AgResearch.

Pohutukawa is pleased to be involved as an investment partner in BPV in the life sciences and agri-tech sphere.

Pohutukawa has an investment commitment to BPV was for an amount of 10% of Pohutukawa's committed capital.

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BPV Summary of Current Investments

In April 2005 Pohutukawa announced its intention to invest up to $5.3 million in investment opportunities through BioPacificVentures (BPV).  This is a specialist life science fund focused on plant and animal based technology, agricultural improvements, and nutritionally enhanced foods and food safety. 

Current BPV investments include:

22 February 2006 - Vital Food Processors Ltd

22 September 2008 - CoDa Therapeutics Inc.

For further information on BioPacificVentures see: www.biopacificventures.com